The Spotlight.

In an already highly anticipated August, Tru Def makes his way to Denton, Texas for The Black Label's "Spotlight" showcase. Tru released the album "Crown" recently and the feed back has been all positive - he's gotten even more positive feedback on the energy he brings to his live shows. Two days after Raw's event, he will shoot up highway 35 North to make some noise with the city of Denton. 


Make sure you're rocking with us! 

Tru has been "Cosigned"

Recap: Tru Def performing at Cosign Magazine's 3rd yeah anniversary event. Things are really growing in Dallas. All in one night, fashion, arts and music collided and Tru provided his ever lasting energy to the crowd. Performing "Holy" and "Do Me" while debuting the official video for "Do Me" as well. The night was fun and filled with beautiful people as they observed the fall fashions, paintings and music artists. Stay tuned for announcements about an even hotter August - including a boat part Tru will be hosting shortly. Always live well. #trusociety #aufstand

Q&A with Tru Def

What is your most valued possession? "My most valued possessions are my family, close friends, people and my music"

Where do you see yourself in ten years? I see myself overseas with those who are close to me. I will be traveling the world performing. When doing this, I want to inspire people to be great and caring for one another; I want to inspire people to give more and take less. I really want to create my own government for people"

There are so many things to do in the world, why music? "I feel that God put us all her for a reason. I feel that I was put here, not only to entertain but to inspire other and show them they can do whatever they want - through my journey. You should always know that you have a purpose on this Earth."

Rebels set boundaries - Post performance at Trees

Trees - Tru

Post-performance at Trees - Tru performed at Trees in front crowd seven hundred. He didn't disappoint at all! He performed a variety of different sounds that kept the audience on their toes. "360" seemed to be the crowd favorite as Tru ended his performance with a "boom" and left the audience in awe. "The special thing about this performance was having some of my friends/fans come out and see me live. I really wanted to show everybody a good time" said Tru. 


P.S. - Recently, Tru was in the lab working on the video for "Do Me". It's brewing right now and will be available soon. Check back with us for weekly updates on Tru Def