Tru Def ends Oaktopia Festival with no intention to stop!

Tru Def was live and well at the Oaktopia Festival. He performed some of his most liked songs including "City of the Gods", "Holy" and "Do Me". What the crowd didn't expect was his latest single called "God Body" that'll be on his upcoming EP. Tru has opted out to tell anyone what the name of the EP will be but he is prepping to release it this year. What should the name be? 


Look out for a few short videos of some of his performances from the Oaktopia Fest!

Watch The Throne

Over the weekend Tru Def had two appearances in Denton's "Spotlight" event at Hailey's and Dallas' radiant Raw Artists event at the Lizard Lounge. 

The big highlight of the weekend was at Raw Artists' "Allure" event where Tru put on an outstanding show. Capturing the crowd with tracks from his album "Crown" and his unreleased song boldly titled "God Body". As Tru sported a special outfit from the Mid Point Eclectic collection curated by fashion designer Devaun Robinson. Tru didn't disappoint at all with his performance and he definitely let it be known that he is coming for the throne - #trusociety

The "Spotlight" event was a prelude to Tru's first festival appearance next month at the Oaktopia Festival featuring 70+ artists. Tru rocked the crowd with a few of his tracks and made sure his name would be known when he makes his big return at the festival. 


The Spotlight.

In an already highly anticipated August, Tru Def makes his way to Denton, Texas for The Black Label's "Spotlight" showcase. Tru released the album "Crown" recently and the feed back has been all positive - he's gotten even more positive feedback on the energy he brings to his live shows. Two days after Raw's event, he will shoot up highway 35 North to make some noise with the city of Denton. 


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