Rain, sleet or snow, Tru Def delivers extreme professionalism and a hell of a show. ​


The streets were icy and snow poured down the city of Dallas. The weather was irrelevant to Tru as he put on one of his best performances yet. Tru was on stage for 45 minutes as he smoothly ran through his set. He started with singles from his album "Crown" while people in the audience went along with his words. Transitioning from album favorites to some unreleased tracks (the lucky ones who were in attendance got a chance to experience the new singles). Tru didn't disappoint as he finished with the song "Forever King".  

Sweating and poised, Tru thanked everybody for enduring the horrid weather and thanked ISHI for bringing him on board for the opener. Amazing. 

Be sure to stay up with Tru Def and Tru Society. Tru will have a heated March with shows in Alexandria, LA, Austin, Texas (SXSW) and finishing the month off in Dallas, Texas.  

Tru Def performs with Legend Foley and HeadKrack

At the Crown & Harp for bar owner Moody's birthday, the night featured legend Foley (drummer for George Clinton), HeadKrack and Tru Def. All put on a great individual performances and concluded with a impromptu freestyle that caused the crowd to explode!

Tru Def put on a great show, receiving multiple mentions from HeadKrack and Foley himself. Catch Tru Def at the Prophet Bar February 27th with Ishi

Tru Def headlines LBJ Experience at the Crown and Harp

On a chilly Wednesday night, people stood shoulder to shoulder at the Crown and Harp for the LBJ Experience. The night featured local artists in Dallas, rising DJs and reputable hosts in the area including Jesse Porter and Meka Johnson. By the time Tru Def took the stage, the supporters were well packed in and all eyes were on Tru. 

Two songs in, Tru had already established the tone for the night and everyone could feel the energy. He performed "City of the Gods" and when the Tru started the second verse, the DJ dropped the instrumentals. As Tru drifted through the second verse, each person's eyes popped out as if they had just experienced a magician doing his last trick. Furthermore, he finished the night with "Forever King" and received a great response for a great performance. 

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Time: 1PM - 4PM

January 10th Tru Society celebrated its official launch of their Aufstand clothing line. The event took place at the famous Glass House Studio on Exposition street. Tru Def hosted a crowd of 65 and made sure the audience was entertained the duration of the event. The room was filled with tastemakers, industry professionals and upcoming artist as they all mingled and became familiar with one another. As unconventional as it is to put on a day event, this was a huge success and an indication on how Tru Society is all about putting Dallas on the map!

Tru Def in Houston for the 36th Annual Big Super Feast 2014

Tru Def performed live in Houston in front of thousands of families. The Big Super Feast was dedicated to serving families in need of food, clothing, toiletries, etc. Tru performed, chatted with families and volunteers and was praised by representatives from the Southeast Texas Poison Center. This day was solely dedicated to giving back and being appreciative.

This event ended Tru Def's great 2014. He is gearing for a huge 2015 as he is hosting the Aufstand Kickback on the 10th of January.