Tru Def is a trailblazer musician carving out his own style of music. Hardworking and driven, Tru Def infuses several genres of music including Hip Hop, Pop, EDM, and alternative just to name a few. Native to Dallas, Texas, growing up in the town Pleasant Grove, Desmond WIlliams a.k.a Tru Def found his passion for music at a the tender age of 6 when his father handed him a mic and told him to speak his mind. He went on to college at NY’s Manhattanville College and left with a degree in business management and that New York gritty mentality. Combining his knowledge with a relentless passion for music, Tru Def is hungry to join the ranks of the greats such as his idols Kanye West and Jay Z.

With laser tunnel vision Tru Def’s, main goal is to be a leader for the people, influencing them through his music. Tru Def wants to inspire the people to achieve their dreams and create their own paths. Making waves in his hometown of Dallas and other cities, he will electrify your minds with his fluid verses and entertaining beats commanding your attention with his energy and admirable artistry. Tru Def recently released his first album “Crown” an 11 track record that spits out hits from beginning to end. Up till now, this is his greatest achievement being that he wrote, produced and edited most of the album himself. HIs follow- up album AUFSTAND | Rebel Music will be released spring 2016. Witness his journey to greatness,  download “CROWN” and check out upcoming events & tour dates here!