Tru Is On A Mission


Recently, Tru Def has really made critical moves for his music career. Last week, Tru made his debut at SXSW with two performances. Tru found himself in the midst of a freestyle session with Ty Dolla $igns. Lastly, he was invited by Pepsi producers to do an impromptu commercial for Pepsi's #OutOfTheBlue campaign. 

Tru has truly carved his on space in the industry and has separated himself from most. Each performance, each day, Tru is embodying the true meaning of passion, empathy and persistence. 

Tonight, Raw Dallas is having their season opener at Gas Monkey Live and Tru will hold his segment at 9:15PM. Tonight will be one of Tru Def's biggest performances yet! Make sure you're there because you don't want to miss one of the most promising acts of the future. 


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