Tru Def graces the stage at Raw Dallas for one of his best performances yet. Gas Monkey Live is one of the premiere venues in the Dallas area and the Raw Artists Dallas Company connected on the opportunity to launch their season opener. The event featured some of Dallas' most talented artists in multiple categories including fashion artists, models, painters, culinary professionals and of course music artists! Gas Monkey Live was packed with two-thousand diverse supporters who awaited for entertainment.

On one of Raw Dallas' most vibrant nights, Tru Def was as eclectic as ever and took the stage with his band. Tru started the show with "Time" (from The album "Crown") warming the crowd for a great show. He then transitioned into one of most popular songs "City of the Gods", erupting the venue with his band members. By this time, the audience were engaged and amazed by Tru's energy. Weaving through his tracks as poised and professional as can be. After intermission, Tru exploded back to the stage with his unreleased song "God Body". Again, the crowd was amazed with how Tru delivered his performance with passion. Tru Def's performed his last song "Forever King". "I'm a King forever, born to be a King, die a King forever", the first song made for the album "Crown" to inspire and empower every person in the world. 

Tru Def had a memorable night at Gas Monkey Live and continues to make a name for himself in the music industry. Tru Def is building more momentum by the day. He has his eyes set on an unique path to change lives through music and he has curated his own lane.